Falk Winter – Certified Master Life Coach

Exclusive Offer! Your 1 Hour Consultation to Reduce Your Depression for 90% Off or Even Free!

Depression can eat us up from the inside, but you don’t have to go through this alone.

Opening up about the struggles you go through with a trained coach can help you cope and deal with your depression in life.

You don't have to go through this alone

Here's what you'll get


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Book your consultation for free (R1,500 value) now. This price won’t last forever, as my calendar can fill up fast, so be sure to book now!

(My Normal Hourly rate is R1,500)

Just 9 weeks ago I was in a dark place, not knowing what to do about my life, but now I am happy. Life Transforming Coaching helped me a lot, I am always doing positive things, tackle any challenge that is on my way. I even quit smoking and tried new habits that work best for me. My life has changed completely. Thank you Mr. Winter for all the efforts you have made for me to be the NEW me. Now I can take care of my life and everything
Yanga G.
Thank you Falk for your great energy, your support to give me tools to fly again and all your knowledge, I can learn from you. I am happy that humans like you find responsibility in lifting other people up and help them achieve everything beautiful which their heart and soul desire.
Julia K.

Book Your Depression Consultation

Now is the best time to take action to improve yourself. Talk to a coach about your depression.

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What's the difference between paid and free Consultations?

I’m glad you asked. Since my hourly consultation rate is normally R1,500 I am very selective of my time and want to dedicate it to those who are committed to the process. That’s why when I offer a free consultation, I require a commitment from you to fill out an information form to better understand you as a person, and where you are in your journey. 

Some people however would prefer to cut to the chase and talk with someone about their problems right away, and since time is a premium for all of us, I do offer a direct line for those who are willing to pay without the need to fill in the information form. I have reduced the cost for our first session by almost 90% so that you can get the help you need without breaking the bank.

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