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5 Weeks of Personal Coaching

I will personally coach you for the next 5 weeks, guiding you every step of the way and helping you overcome the anger in your life.

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Power of The Subconscious Mind Bundle

With your order you will receive my eBook + Video Mini Course about the Power of The Subconscious Mind. This one bonus alone is life changing after you use it!

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The Depression Cheatsheets

As an added bonus, you will also receive printable PDFs of The Depression Exercises Cheatsheets for you to work through.

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A Total Value of R16,791

See How Average, Everyday People Are Finally Overcoming Anger With Life Transforming Coaching!

Since I entered Life Transforming Coaching, I became a changed person and know my desired goals, I am ambitious. Just 9 weeks ago I was in a dark place, not knowing what to do about my life, but now I am happy.

Life Transforming Coaching helped me a lot, I even quit smoking and tried new habits that work best for me. My life has changed completely. Thank you Mr. Winter for all the efforts you have made for me to be the NEW me.
Yanga G.
I found Falk’s approach to be fresh, full of energy and empathy, but at the same time calling you to be accountable. As I started to integrate these practices into my life and started changing my ways of thinking, things started to make sense and fall into place...

All conversations were focused on creating an ideal reality and not dwelling on the past. I am forever grateful to Falk's guidance that has transformed my life.
Marzanne S.
Before approaching Falk I was going through some difficult changes in my career which were starting to impact my overall health. Initially I was skeptical about reaching out to a life coach but once I came across Falk I knew that this was something to invest in.

I have clarity of thought, know what my desired goals are and most importantly have been equipped with the tools to attain these goals. Thank you Falk, my friend and mentor.
John L.
It has helped me understand the power and difference between the coconscious and subconscious. I am amazed at the outcome that I had once I started to train and feed the conscious (mind) which then leads the subconscious me living a happier and healthier life.

I have also felt the positive energy and outcome that I got from practicing my positive affirmations on a daily basis.
Ivone F.
I was in a very dark place, spiritually emotionally and financially I hit rock bottom. With Falk’s one on one consulting sessions he gave me the right tools to improve my life, taught me how to focus on the present and let go of the past...

The life coaching sessions were exactly what I was looking for to get myself out of my negative mindsets into a more relaxed positive state of mind while being aligned with my purpose. Thank you Falk!
Norman N.
I was in a very dark place when I met Falk, my work life was toxic and everything around me was falling apart. With Falk’s help, the sessions taught me how to be more confident, focus on the present and how to believe in myself.

I learnt how to confront my fears and anxieties to become the person that I want to be. This was exactly what I needed to regain my self-esteem and to always have a positive outlook.
David G.

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Get It Now For Just 2 Easy Payments of R 7,950

The first payment of R 7,950 is due now, and the second payment of R 7,950 will be due after the 3rd week of coaching.

You Might Be Thinking...

The main difference between a life coach and a life transforming coach is the approach and the techniques used.


In my transformation coaching we are directly addressing your subconscious mind and affecting permanent positive changes in very a short period of time.


After all, it is your subconscious mind (95% of your mind!) which is your “goal getter”, the seat of all of your emotions, habits, behaviors and beliefs. New neural pathways are created.

1. While I believe that many different approaches can be found to address life’s challenges successfully and that there is the perfect coach out there for everybody, I deliver the following:


  • You will get the results, outcome we set before the beginning of the coaching and I am responsible to get you there. That’s my guarantee. It’s not important to know why you are the way you are, but to know where do you want to go and to get you there.
  • Powerful, life changing techniques which address your subconscious mind are at the heart of the Transformation Coaching System I use. It’s a system. It’s not about “feel good” talking, analysing, sharing advice, imparting new theoretical information.
  • It is much more than just NLP, EFT, models, Meta Questions etc., instead more about applying energy and techniques to get rid of the SOURCE of your limiting emotions and beliefs within you.
  • I walk the talk.

2.  My qualifications and training experience:

  • Master Transformation Life Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Negative Emotional Therapie Practitioner
  • International Leadership Training for NGO’s, companies according to the Kouzes / Posner method

Individual One – One Sessions Every Client is unique. One size does not fit all. That’s why I offer you a program that is structured towards your individual needs.


After our free Session together we will determine the plan of action and time scheduling. The One – One sessions can be done in person or via Skype, while I strongly recommend that we do minimum 2 sessions in person. Currently, I offer generally 2 options:


  1. Full Course:  16 hours  ( 1 hour = 60 minutes) best done in 5-6 weeks with 1 session / week
  2. Intensive Course:  11 hours  (this will not cover all topics from the full course)

Group Workshops – on request  (half day to full day  4 – 8hrs.)

All work that I do is guaranteed.


That means that you will receive the support and follow-up to ensure that you get the results you wanted. I guarantee my work because my experience has shown me that my clients always get results.


The guarantee works like this:


  • You must finish the program. That means, attend every session. You must go through the entire process all the way to the end.
  • You must do the tasking before and after the session, and you need to do it fully and completely.
  • Once I have quoted you for working with you to achieve your desired results, I will work with you at no charge until you get the results you want. I will refund all payments made under following conditions:
  • You are entitled to full refund at the end of my program if you did not get the desired results, no questions asked.
  • My life coaching program is considered completed when both you and I are in agreement that your presenting problems are resolved.
  • No refunds will be issued after the mutual agreement that the sessions have been completed.
  • My liability is limited to the amount paid to me for the coaching sessions. You will sign my Money Back Guarantee within the Client Commitment and Agreement Form before the start of our first session.

The long answer: On the one hand, it will cost you enough so that you feel you have made a personal investment not only of your time but also of your money to take this process seriously.


In this way, you will make a commitment to participate fully. On the other hand, the costs will not be prohibitive for you so that you could not afford it (if you came this far and are reading this).


A far more important question for you to ask yourself is this: “How much does it cost me NOT to take this course?After all you have my Money Back Guarantee and nothing to lose.


  • How much does it cost you to keep your problem, to stay unhappy, stressed, depressed or unsuccessful or all of them?
  • How much is your unhappy relationship or divorce costing you?
  • How much is it costing you seeing your doctor for your health problems (with 90% of all illnesses having their cause in your mind?)
  • How much is it costing you not being in that loving relationship you so much yearning for?
  • How much is it costing you seeing your business struggle and not making the money you deserve?


Even if there is no exact price tag to put on happiness, there is a price for you to pay in staying in a dreadful job, in seeing your relationship falling apart,  in missing salary and paying for your medication to restore your health.


This can actually be measured in real money terms. So, how much is it really worth for you to get rid of your problems?


The short answer: between R14,000 -18,000 for all 5 sessions, 16hrs. Min. 50% payable in advance. Money Back Guarantee.

  1. You, as the client, must have a problem and the commitment in time and effort to do the necessary work to change and grow.
  2. You have the strong desire to change certain aspects in your life and trust me and the effectiveness of the applied techniques.
  3. You ask yourself for help (not because anybody sent you for coaching).
  4. You surrender to and have faith in the coaching process.
  5. You articulate clearly what you want to achieve.

100% Risk Free

If you’re still on the fence, remember…this purchase is 100% Risk Free. If it doesn’t work or if you don’t get the results you’re after, just send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your entire investment.

Get It Now For Just 2 Easy Payments of R 7,950

The first payment of R 7,950 is due now, and the second payment of R 7,950 will be due after the 3rd week of coaching.

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