Get ready for 2020 – 8 powerful Goal Setting and Goal Formulation Steps

I hope you are getting ready for this special season. This is the time to be jolly, to enjoy family and friends. This is also the time to reflect back on the year which has passed so fast again and also to think about the year ahead. To make this easier for you I would like to share with you 8 powerful Goal Setting and Goal Formulation Steps to set out your plans for 2020:


In order to succeed you have to know exactly what it is that you “want” or desire in life (by never actually using the word “want” which implies lack). Every man-made object you find on earth was first a thought in the mind of someone before it materialised. It was written out on paper or planned in the mind before it could become a physical reality. Sit down, and ask yourself that. Get clear on that and write it down on paper.
Often, people set their goals which are very vague or they take a state as a goal.

“I want to be happy” is not a goal, it is simply a state which you can have any time you desire. All you have to do is to go inside your body and to remember a time when you were very happy. You create a movie picture of it with clear visions, sound, and colours; add the strong feelings, what you felt when you were in that past experience of complete and happiness. You will learn this during the Life Transformation Sessions.

To summarise:  Goals / Outcomes are stated specifically. They are written as goals and outcomes. A goal is time-bound and measurable. There are steps needed to get there.


1.    Get clear on what it is that you really desire to have in your life
You need to have a burning desire to reach this goal for yourself, otherwise you will probably not get it. You will have to follow through with all the actions and need a really burning desire to do so.

2.    State the goal in the present tense, in the positive , and be very specific.
Always state your goal in the present tense, and in a positive way. (there is no future in your subconscious mind who can also not process negatives). Focus only on what you want, and say it as if you are already having it and are so grateful for having it.

3.    You goal is initiated and maintained by you.
It has to begin and end with you. If there are other people involved you have to ensure that you are sufficiently in charge.

4.    You include specific sensory-based descriptions of the outcome and of all the steps to get there.
What is your outcome? What will you see, hear, feel, smell, talk in your mind about it? It may help determining the steps backwards, from attaining the goal all the way to the first step now.

5.    Ecological
For yourself: What will happen to me if I attain this goal? Is it ultimately beneficial for me and am I still congruent about attaining it?
Others: How will my goal affect others? (family, friends, co-workers..)
Society: Are my goals ecological for our society?
Planet: If I attain my goals – will this be good for the planet?

6.    There is more than one way to achieve your goal.
Pay attention, be open for other ways to achieve your goals. Respond to feedback and change your actions if needed. Be open to new options and ways to get to your goals.

7.    Is it achievable?
Specify the first step and make sure it is achievable. I still want you to at least stretch yourself a bit. If it is not achievable now, what help, action steps, education, resources do you need to get your desired outcome?

8.    Does it increase choice?
If it decreases choice, then it is not well formed and probably not ecological either. Your outcome should always increase choice.

How was that for you? Did your goals get clearer or less clear? Does they seem even more achievable now , or the opposite? You will find that this process really gets all the fog out and makes it either very clear to you,  or you realize that our goals need to be more specific.

Enjoy the process of determining your goals / actions / resolutions / outcomes for 2020.  Let me know any question.
I will follow up with the GOAL ACHIEVING SYSTEM which will ensure that you will actually achieve your goals.

With kind regards,


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