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I’m Falk Winter. For more than three decades, I’ve been on a mission to unravel the mysteries of self-improvement and happiness. You know, that feeling of fulfilment that everyone’s after? I’ve scoured seminars, workshops, and all sorts of retreats to find it. I’ve trekked from the Himalayas to ashrams in California in search of it.  I’ve meditated, visualized, affirmed, and you bet, I’ve read a library’s worth of books. From healing sessions to the pages of every self-help book I could find, my quest has been as broad as it’s been deep.

And here’s what I’ve found: the real deal doesn’t have to be a wild goose chase. It’s about the right method—a proven system that actually brings about the changes you’re looking for without having to spend a fortune or wait a lifetime.

My life’s been a tapestry of experiences. I grew up in a little East German village near Dresden—a lovely place, but it wasn’t the hotbed of global adventure.
So, I got restless, dreamed big and ended up trotting around the globe for work and adventure. Fast forward through time, and I’ve visited over 100 countries and called 8 of them home before setting my roots in scenic Cape Town, South Africa—a place that stole my heart 25 years earlier when I first visited and fell in love with it.

Life’s been full of highs and lows—joyous friendships, relationships, love, and the heartache and sadness that comes with separation and loss.
These aren’t just passing moments; they’re the very experiences that have shaped my coaching philosophy.

Professionally, my journey has been diverse. Starting as an officer in the East German Army, I’ve had various international leadership roles in the corporate world in the US, Europe and Africa. From being in charge of sales for the European part of a large US business in London, trading paper in Austria, running the largest disability hospital in Africa in Tanzania to navigating the automotive world in Nigeria. Along the way, I added an MBA in sunny Phoenix, Arizona to my degree as an Mechanical Engineer.

What does all this mean for you? Well, since 2017 when I started my life in Cape Town, I’ve been using my life’s lessons, training and professional know-how to help folks like you find their path. Whether you’re dealing with personal challenges, aiming to boost your career, or looking to make some serious changes.

I’ve channelled all this by identifying three main coaching programs designed to meet you where you are. Whether it’s the winds of change or the waves of challenge that you face, together we’ll set your course straight.

Discover Your Path to True Happiness and Success

1. Personal Transformation Personal Life Coaching: Tackle personal challenges head-on and find peace. It’s about getting to the root of what’s been holding you back. In just 5 sessions over 5 weeks, we’ll uproot the causes of your stress, depression, or anger.

2. Elevate Your Productivity, Sales, and Leadership: For those looking to climb the ladder, build a stronger team, or grow your business, these programs are using the award-winning methodologies of Leadership Management International (LMI). These programs mould managers into leaders, and catapult your sales. In case you want to double your productivity, stop burnout and eliminate your energy vampires – check out our Productivity Transforming Coaching

3. Quantum Leap in your Business and Life: Break your invisible shackles which keep you from having more time, fun and money with the “Thinking into Results Program,” and witness your dreams manifest with astonishing clarity and speed. Dream big and break barriers with programs from the Procter Gallagher Institute (PGI). It’s for those ready to make significant strides in business and life.

The right methodology is crucial. It’s the difference between skimming the surface and diving deep to create lasting change. I’m here to guide you through each step, offering not just support but a transformative experience that’s stood the test of time. As your coach, I am here as your mentor, guide with a toolbox, and your anchor, utilizing my experiences and the world’s best methods to tailor a program that resonates with your deepest aspirations.

Think of me as your personal GPS for life’s journeys—I might not have all the jokes, but I’ll definitely keep you on the right track.

So, if you’re ready to take the wheel and steer your life towards something great, let’s talk. I’m all about getting results and making things happen.
After all, life’s too short for maybes, right? Let’s co-create your success story, one empowered step at a time, because at Life Transforming Coaching, we believe—You Can.

Reach out, and let’s start this conversation. I’m here, I’ve got the maps, and I’m ready to guide you on your next journey…

With kind regards and anticipation for your success,

Falk Winter

WORD will help you, the business owner, find your footing in an always-plugged-in universe, using the correct words, imagery and platforms. We look forward to adding value to your world.