Frequently Asked Questions

Unleash Your Potential with 3 Tailored Coaching and Mentoring Paths

Embark on a Personal Transformation: If lingering personal challenges or unresolved experiences from your past are holding you back, our 1. Personal Life Coaching is the stepping stone to your success. Together, we’ll navigate through your past conditioning and traumas, eradicating the CAUSES of depression, anger, or stress. Our journey, which can be embraced either online or in person, promises profound change in no more than 5 weeks (5 sessions). This is your path to closure and the beginning of a life lived to the fullest.

Elevate Your / Your Teams Productivity, Sales and Leadership: Are you aspiring to reach new heights in productivity, skyrocket your business sales, or invigorate your team’s spirit? Our 2. Advanced Productivity, Sales and Leadership Programs are designed to sharpen your focus, catapult your sales or develop managers into leaders. Whether it’s propelling your career, enhancing your team’s/ company’s performance, or honing your leadership skills, these program create trailblazers ready to command their fields. It’s based on the world’s best Coaching Program – LMI (Leadership Management International) which has been voted again “Best Coaching Franchise” in the world. A typical course lasts from 8 – 12 weeks.

Make the Quantum Leap in Business and Life: For those poised for a major breakthrough, our 3. Making a Quantum Leap: “Thinking to Results Program” is the catalyst you need. If you’re dreaming of expanding your business, starting a new venture, amplifying your impact, or yearning for more vitality in life, but find invisible barriers blocking your way, the “Thinking into Results” program is tailored for you. It’s time to translate your ambitions into reality, faster and with greater precision than you ever imagined possible. It’s a 3 or 6 month Program of the PGI (Procter Gallagher Institute), based on the teachings of the legendary Bob Procter.

If you recognize your aspirations in any of these paths, reach out to me. Let’s unlock the doors to your dreams and co-create your extraordinary future. Together, we’ll select the program that aligns with your aspirations and sets you on the path to achieving your dreams.

A Blend of Accredited Expertise and Rich Life Experience

Accredited Expertise and Professional Foundation: My journey as a coach is backed by a combination of certifications and hands-on experience. I am a Master Transformation Life Coach, a skilled Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and an adept Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner and Advanced Healer. As an Official Licensee of Leadership Management International (LMI) in South Africa, I bring over 30 years of executive management experience across diverse industries including the military, NGOs, Trading and Fortune 500 companies in Europe, the US, and Africa. Since 2023 I am also a certified Consultant with the Procter Gallagher Institute (PGI). My academic credentials include an MBA from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management with a specialization in International Business and Marketing. I am also a Diploma-Engineer Pedagogue in Mechanical Engineering, and a recognized member of both the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and COMENSA in South Africa. I am a member of the BNI Global Power Team and also of the Chamber of Commerce in Cape Town.

Unique Life Experience and Cultural Insight: My personal narrative enriches my coaching with depth. Having travelled to over 100 countries, lived and worked in seven, including the US, Spain, Australia, Germany, the UK, and various African nations like Nigeria, Togo, Tanzania, and since 2017 South Africa, I bring a genuinely global perspective. This diverse background enables me to connect with clients from all walks of life, understanding the nuances of cultural transitions, the demands of high-stakes leadership, and the personal shifts that come with life’s pivotal moments.

Results-Driven Approach with Personal Empathy: It’s not just about the journey; it’s about the destination – achieving sustainable, tangible results. My clients appreciate my direct (German) approach and unwavering persistence in helping them reach their goals. With humour, high energy and the world’s best methodologies for affecting change, I guide them through overcoming past traumas and current challenges in their personal lives; or in catapulting productivity, sales, leadership in their professions, or making that significant quantum leap in both personal and professional realms. Having navigated personal trials, separation and loss of loved ones, and having embraced the change that comes with moving places and cultures more than 30 times, I offer not just understanding and insight but practical strategies for transformation.

Check out some of the Testimonials of past clients. To explore how we can co-create your success story, connect with me.

1. Personal Coaching : Individual One – One Private Coaching:
• 5 powerful sessions (each session is 3 hrs) in 5 weeks (in person)
• Online: max. 1.5 hrs / session – so the course will take about 8- 10 weeks

After our free Session together we will determine the plan of action and time schedule according to your specific situation. The One – One session can be done in person or via Skype, or Zoom.

2. Moving to the next Level: Catapult your Sales, Productivity, Leadership
LMI courses, 8 – 12 weeks, 25min personal work / daily; 1hr facilitation/weekly

3. Making the Quantum Leap: Tell us what you want – we show you how to get it.
• PGI course “Thinking into results” or “Lead the Field Program.”
• 3 or 6 months, 25min personal work / daily; 1hr facilitation/monthly

1. Personal Coaching : Individual One – One Private Coaching:
All work that I do is guaranteed.

• That means that you will receive the support and follow-up to ensure that you get the results you wanted. I guarantee my work because my experience has shown me that my clients always get results.
• You must finish the program. That means, attending every session. You must go through the entire process all the way to the end. You must do the tasking before and after the session, and you need to do it fully and completely.
You are entitled to a full refund at the end of my program if you did not get the desired results, no questions asked.
• You will sign my Money Back Guarantee within the Client Commitment and Agreement Form before the start of our first session.

2. Moving to the next Level: Catapult your Sales, Productivity, Leadership
LMI prepaid courses, 30 day, money back guarantee

3. Making the Quantum Leap: Tell us what you want – we show you how to get it.
PGI prepaid courses, 30 day money back guarantee

Empowerment Within Reach

The Value of Investment: Your journey with me and Life Transforming Coaching is an investment in your most valuable asset—yourself. The financial commitment is set to ensure you are wholly invested in the transformative process, not just with your time but also in a way that holds personal significance. This balance is crucial; it underpins your commitment to fully engage in and benefit from our sessions.

The Cost of Hesitation: It’s essential to consider the other side of the coin—what are the costs of not taking this step? Consider the impact of unresolved issues or missed opportunities on your well-being and success:

  • The emotional toll of sustained unhappiness, stress, or feelings of unfulfillment.
  • The financial strains of troubled relationships, indecisions, conflict
  • The healthcare costs associated with stress-induced illnesses, most of which stem from mental and emotional factors.
  • The lost opportunities for financial independence and living the life you desire
  • The economic implications of your team/ business not reaching its potential.
  • The loss in income and fun time due to low productivity or ineffective leadership

These costs are not just abstract emotional weights; they often translate into a tangible financial burden.

Your Path to Transformation: What value would you place on breaking free from these burdens? On making that quantum leap in your personal or professional life?

The short Answer of Investment Details:
All of the programs start with a total investment of around R 20,000 or USD 1,000.

Deposit and monthly payment options are available. And with my Money-Back Guarantee, you embark on this journey with assurance and nothing to lose.

If you’re ready to invest in your happiness and success, let’s connect. It’s time to measure your life in joy, energy and achievements, not in ‘what-ifs’.

The Seeker of Change and Architect of Dreams

As a potential client, you stand at the crossroads of desire and action. You are not just looking for change; you are ready to be the catalyst for it. Here’s what makes you the ideal candidate for this transformative journey:

The Visionary: You hold a vision for a better future, whether it’s overcoming a challenge or achieving a dream. Your commitment to change is matched by a readiness to invest your time, energy, and resources into making it a reality.

The Believer: You possess a robust belief in the power of transformation and are willing to place your trust in the process and in the proven techniques I bring to our partnership.

The Self-Motivator: Your quest for growth is self-initiated. You’re not here because someone else thinks you should be; you’re here because you know it’s your path to walk.

The Collaborator: You approach the coaching relationship with openness, ready to engage with and embrace the methodologies that facilitate growth.

The Clarifier: Clarity is power. You can articulate the outcomes you’re striving for, providing a clear target for our shared efforts.

If this resonates with you, and you find yourself nodding in agreement, you’re exactly who I’m looking to accompany on this life-changing adventure.
Reach out to me and let’s start crafting your success story today.