Why would I have never considered life coaching

My story: Why would I have never considered life coaching and became a Life Coach myself?

I am with you. Who needs a Life Coach (or for that matter a Counselor, Advisor, Mentor, Facilitator, Psychologist, Healer, Medium….)?  That’s what I thought until 2 years ago.

After all – I don’t need a “shrink”, someone to “fix” me or tell me what to do. I am my own man. Life has its ups and downs – that’s how life is – and overall, I am pretty ok. There are surely more important things to spend my money on.  Actually, I am happy most of the time.

I had scanned the media and found countless offerings for coaching services and products to become happy, productive, rich fast (by buying this unbelievable course from Motivational Guru X and renewed World Expert Z) to find romantic love and incredible health. There are countless offers for escaping financial lack, overcoming worry, fears, anxiety, and more recently focusing on eliminating stress, anger, addictions, attention deficits and depression. The internet promises us an endless array of products/ services to get rid of any problem quickly.

What I found was: all these breakthrough services, strategies, methods… related to coaching to improve your life are selling common sense: take care of your body, mind, heart and soul. To do this you exercise, think/feel happy, and reflect/meditate/pray. That’s it.

Even more, the same original content is just being recycled over and over again, presented with a different twist, in a new vocabulary, citing a new scientific discovery or radical break through method. We are sold old wine in many new bottles. After all, J. Murphy, D. Carnegie or N. Hill, who all lived around 100 years ago, laid the foundations of all “self-improvement” we learn about today.

I realized that even when they were offered as detailed programs, legendary courses, bestseller books; as prefabricated digital products, generic self-study courses etc. – these mostly automated offerings – they are only INFORMATION.  Nothing will change. I still have to do the work (myself).

Maybe, I thought, it’s better to invest into a life changing motivational event, at a fancy location where people are jumping off their seats and know then and there that they have found the solution to all of their life’s problems.  That is, until a few weeks later, when “real life” kicks in again, or more accurately, old (limiting) habits, beliefs and routines welcome us back into their warm comfort. We know what to do, just feel unable to do it.

To apply, to implement all this “new”, wonderful information consistently seems really, really hard.  Even after receiving INFORMATION + MOTIVATION – nothing will change. I still have to do the work (myself).

So, this life coaching stuff seemed to me no more than an ever-growing hype where only a few, normally the smartest (social media) marketer (not necessarily with the best product) win and profit from our hopes and sincere intentions to improve our lives or to get rid of a specific problem. I decided that I would definitely not go for that.

Just to make sure: Am I implying here that all is copy, unrealistic or useless at best what we can find around self-improvement on the internet? Surely not. There are authentic, creative, original experts and programs out there which can help us to an extent.

I just realized that something was still missing: TO GET ME from having the information regarding what to do to actually APPLYING it persistently in PRACTICE. That was my challenge, and maybe it is yours too.

Now, 2 years later I am working as a Life Transformation Coach! What has changed?

  1. After a rich, fulfilled life, I am at a point where I can increase my own happiness mainly by helping other people to become “happy” themselves (as much as a cliché this sounds). After long consideration and due to the fact that I love working with people, I decided for (Life) Transformation Coaching.
  2. Surprisingly, after long research and investment in a proper Life Transformation Coach TRAINING, I realized that there are actually techniques which remove the CAUSES of all inner blockages, negative / limiting emotions and beliefs. After I went through the advancing courses myself, I also learnt how to apply these techniques to other people.

Now finally, for the first time, I could actually see positive RESULTS in practice, in my life and in others.

Once the CAUSES are removed – only THEN we can implement and apply all the available INFORMATION from anywhere to attract the happiness, abundance, love and health we wish for. So, I have to get help by a real PERSON to put “my house in order” first, before I can apply and implement information and actually change my life.

This was the missing link for me and this is where real (Life) Transformation Coaching comes in, because I could NOT have done it by myself. Unless you are an experiences meditator for instance, you NEED ANOTHER qualified person to coach you through this process, to affect these inner physical changes in you. No amount of INFORMATION or willpower alone, of internet programs, courses, self -help books or seminars will do.

That’s why I became a (Life) Transformation Coach, to enable you to create the life you desire by REMOVING the CAUSES of your inner (subconscious!) blockages and CREATING lasting INNER CHANGE in you. That’s the main work. Additionally, you will also receive information and motivation of course. Seeing the RESULTS in my clients is what makes me happy today.

So, that’s my story how I became from a sceptic of any life coaching to being a life transformation coach myself.

Conclusion: What can you do?

When you are really serious about elevating your life in one aspect or another I strongly recommend to you: consider Life Coaching.  There is somebody out there for everyone, just make sure, it will work for you and you get RESULTS.  With the right coach – it will be the best investment you ever make. Look for a Coach who:

  • Can REMOVE the root CAUSES of your worry, anxiety, doubt, fear, lack (which are at the heart of your stress, depression) anger; fatigue…
  • GUARANTEES that you achieve your outcome of the sessions you agree upon in advance. It’s the coach’s job (once she/he accepts you as a client) to get you there – not yours!
  • Has ACHIEVED him/herself the main personal characteristics you are looking for to develop. An unhappy coach cannot teach you happiness, a “poor” teacher will not lead you to create abundance, a tired instructor will not boost your energy level.
As always, I commend you for your efforts to steer your life consciously and send you lot’s of love and energy.

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