How to Manage Anxiety & Depression

A lot of my clients face bouts of anxiety and depression right now. We all know the
reasons, and there is little we can do regarding the external factors relating to the
current situation.

I still strongly believe that if you don’t master your emotions, they will master you.
Managing your anxiety, worry, stress is a key part to be or becoming a successful
parent, employee, business owner.

Here are 4 ways my clients are utilizing that help them greatly in managing
their anxiety and depression:

  1. Exercise: You know the deal. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel
    good. You may not feel that great while you’re doing it, but almost without exception,
    you will feel better when it’s over. Try to at least get out and walk for 20 to 30
    minutes a day. You must work up a sweat. This does not take longer than 6min even
    within your living room. Make sure you start slowly, connect it with something
    enjoyable (your favourite music tracks?), keep track and best get a buddy
    (accountability partner) who does it with you. In this way, you will develop exercise
    as part of your daily routine and enjoy the additional benefits of having plenty of
  2. Diet – If you are eating poorly, just improving your diet can help. Consider that the
    brain uses glucose to work. If you aren’t eating enough vegetables and fruit, you may
    not be getting enough glucose. Some people on low-carb diets who aren’t eating
    vegetables can experience signs of depression when it’s just their diet. Eat foods
    that are nutritious and calm you down. Don’t follow diets that make you lose weight
    quickly. It will only return when you return to your normal eating habits. If you want to
    loose weight do intermittent fasting and make sure you drink plenty of water before
    meals (not during).
  3. Vitamins – You may ask your doctor to do a blood test to test for vitamin levels.
    Vitamins like B12, B3, and B6 can be missing from your diet. In addition, many
    people who suffer from depression have vitamin D deficiencies. Whole-grain
    carbohydrates will also be very beneficial to your diet. This will help your body to
    cope with stress in everyday situations. Over-indulging, sugars, fast food are
    counter-active to a diet and should be avoided.
  1. Journaling – It’s helpful to write down your feelings each day, but you also want
    to write down good thoughts. The brain tends to focus on anything you think about,
    so if you think about the positives in your life while keeping a gratitude journal, you
    may find that you feel better. Expressing gratitude reduces anxiety. Creating a
    journal and writing down what you are thankful for and appreciate, is a great way to

Now you may say “I know all this.” The question is “Are you doing this regularly?”

Thankfully, by doing this all of my clients have a much better control of or even
eliminated their anxiety or depression.

Things have definitely got a lot better for them and they are able to bounce back and
see new opportunities much faster. Go for it. This will result for you in becoming a
better parent, employee, business owner and start the new year in your best form
ever. Next time I will share 4 more strategies with you.

Are you suffering from anxiety or Depression?

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Anger is a raw emotion that can cause all sorts of trouble in your life, and with those around you. Claim your free copy of the 3 Daily Rituals for overcoming Anger & Depression by filling out a self assessment quiz.

Depression is a strong emotion that can cause all sorts of trouble in your life, and with those around you. Claim your free copy of the 3 Daily Rituals for overcoming Anger & Depression by filling out a self assessment quiz.